Let us help you develop strength, confidence, and peace of mind through self-defense training. Our system is used by military organizations all over the world. A certified IKMF school, we equip our students with the skills needed so that, in creator Imi Litchenfield’s words, “one may walk in peace.”

Then and now, we have maintained a strong level of discipline. As the dangers of the world grow and develop, so do the techniques that we teach our students.

Now, we understand that you are free to choose what school you want. You may consider factors like proximity to your home or your familiarity with the location. But when you’re learning something as important as how to protect yourself and your loved ones, the quality of training should beat all factors.

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Steven Comas


Steven Comas is a Bronx native and has resided there all his life. Growing up at a time when the Bronx had a reputation for being one of the “rougher” boroughs to live in, he often found himself attempting to avoid physical confrontations.

He began training martial arts to better deal with his environment as a teen. Throughout his youth, he has had the opportunity to study various styles from wrestling, kung-fu (tiger style), American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing. It wasn’t until his adult years that he began researching about Krav Maga and became enamored with its concept and principles.


Great beginning workout! The kids and I learned a lot.

MaryKate L.

Excellent Krav Maga Instructor!

Johann C.

Instructor Comas is passionate about teaching self defense to men, women and children. He has a special ability to connect with people and to create a safe and enjoyable environment for learning Krav Maga. He will challenge you to be better each day. Instructor Comas takes self defense and the personal safety of his students seriously. Don’t miss a chance to train with this guy!

Jim R.

I had the distinct honor to train with Instructor Comas for 10 days. Somehow, he finds a way to be both intense and light hearted at the same time. You will laugh and have fun learning critical life skills all while getting a great workout. You can’t go wrong with this school.

Mike H.

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